A warm welcome from Nail World

Since operating on 2005, At NAIL WORLD, we provide profesional nail art service and nail art academy for those who are intrested on nailart design and take pride in our craft. Nail art naturally takes centrestage here, We have had extensive experience creating diverse styles of art. Cute, fashion-forward, whimsical, sexy, outrageous, funky or feminine – we’ve done it all, and we continue to push the boundaries every day.

If all you need is a good manicure or pedicure, we’ve got you covered as well. Nail World branch are operate daily in Egate, Kelawei, Queensbay Mall, All Season Place. All our nailists are fully qualified professionals certified by Our Professional premier nail school, At NAIL WORLD, you know you’ll always be in good hands.

We welcome you to try us and see the difference. Make an appointment today!

NAIL WORLD,创立自2005年、集美甲服务连锁、美甲培训学院和高级美甲设计于一体,是马来西亚国内领先的时尚美甲连锁高端知名品牌之一。

旗下分店包括,E-Gate, Queensbay mall, Kelawei, All Season Place, 凭借公司多年运营经验,与知名高端品牌O•P•I、大牌合作,以其独特的品牌运作模式,良好的盈利模式及资深运营管理团队,深受众多爱美甲人士青睐,迅速开拓市场!

公司独家为客户设计漂亮又时尚的美甲与护理,深受当地人与欧美、日韩顾客一致称赞,NAIL World 定位为高端中极品,在马来西亚市场上赢得了行业的认可,为美甲行业注入了清新、活力!

旗下 NAILWORLD Academy 美甲学院,环境优美,交通方便。配备先进的教材、仪器、设施及一流的培训团队,联合各时尚领域的造型大师、专家等,结合NAIL WORLD特色美甲项目及仪器进行系统化教学,培训社会所需的美甲师及店长等人才。

以“专业成就品质”为品牌宗旨,NAIL WORLD 将继续引领大马时尚美甲高端品牌,绽放艺术光芒,成就美丽财富梦想!