Gone are the days where manicures and pedicures are seen as an indulgent luxury that many of us could not afford and are only available to women. At Nail World we offer a warm and comfortable environment in which the quality of nail care and maintenance are immaculate yet prices are affordable. Sit back, relax and enjoy the soft music playing in the background while we pamper your hands and feet. We currently have 2 nail salons in Penang. Our main branch is located at E-gate whilst our sister branch is situated at Krystal Point and One Stop Midlands.

Our qualified personnels are always on hand to give you the very best in nail care. Headed by the proprietor (who has trained and worked in Singapore for more than 8 years), all our manicurists has more than 2 years of experience in this field. We use the very best products including brands from OPI and Jessica. At Nail World we provide manicure, pedicure, Nail Art, 3D Design, Acrylic Wrap, Acrylic Tip, Acrylic Extension, Shear & Polish, Paraffin Treatment for Hand or Toe, and Waxing services.

If you’re interested in joining the nail industry, we too provide courses and training sessions at Nail World. Not only do we have a considerable number of Malaysian students attending our courses, many overseas students too are expanding their knowledge in nail technology by taking courses from Nail World.

For fantastic looking nails, Nail World is the place to be. Customers are confident that they can count on our professional service. And they leave knowing that they look and feel great.

Nail Penang

Nail Penang
Nail Penang
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